Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions of AT REAL LIFE VIDEO

1. Applicability

1.1 These Terms and Conditions apply to all offers of AT REAL LIFE VIDEO and all agreements entered into with AT REAL LIFE VIDEO.
1.2 In addition to these Terms and Conditions may, where expressly indicated Additional Conditions applicable to certain services and / or products.
1.3 The provisions in these Terms and Conditions may be waived only if expressly agreed in writing and in which case the other provisions of these terms remain in full force.
1.4 If the Buyer to its general terms and conditions, those conditions do not apply unless expressly agreed in writing by AT REAL LIFE VIDEO.
1.5 The website of AT REAL LIFE VIDEO focuses exclusively on the consumer market.
1.6 Changes and errors are reserved. The information on the website is not legally binding.
1.7 "Buyer" means any visitor of the website or any individual with AT REAL LIFE VIDEO into a contractual relationship of any kind is or will be.
1.8 AT REAL LIFE VIDEO reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions legal standards of the Netherlands.
1.9 By using the website of AT REAL LIFE VIDEO and / or placing an order the buyer accepts these Terms and any other rights and obligations as stated on the website.

2. Offers and development agreements

2.1 Offers are valid while stocks last. With offers through the website or by e-mail is this expressed.
2.2 A personalized quote is valid for 2 weeks, unless a different period is stated in the offer.
2.3 An agreement is concluded at the time an order is handed over to the buyer by email or post is sent to the e-mail address or head address specified by the Buyer.
2.6 Buyer and AT REAL LIFE VIDEO expressly agree that by making use of electronic communication constitute a valid contract is established once the conditions in Article 2.1 and 2.3 are met. Especially the lack of a signature does not affect the binding force of the offer and its acceptance. The electronic files of AT REAL LIFE VIDEO will extent the law allows, as a presumption of evidence.
2.7 Information, images, oral communications, telephone or via e-mail and statements of applicability with respect to all offers and the main characteristics of the products as accurately as possible (again) or done. AT REAL LIFE VIDEO does not guarantee that all products and deals fully with the information or applicability consistent. Deviations can not qualify for compensation and / or dissolution.

3. Prices

3.1 All prices are expressed in Euros, in accordance with legal regulations, and include VAT.
3.2 Special offers are only valid for the period as stated in the offer. This listing is printed or listed on the website relating to this special offer. These periods are always correspond.
3.3 The Buyer shall pay the price that AT REAL LIFE VIDEO has confirmed in accordance with Article 2 of these conditions has communicated. Manifest (manipulation) mistakes in the price, such as obvious inaccuracies, can be corrected even after the conclusion of the agreement by AT REAL LIFE VIDEO.
3.4 Delivery costs are not included in the price.

4. Payment

4.1 Orders through the website can be paid in the following ways: by bank transfer, Ideal, PayPal, Creditcard, Bancontact, Sofort banking.
Bank transfer effected by the order stating to the order number to ING bank account NL29INGB0004321624 at AT REAL LIFE VIDEO Zwolle, Netherlands. Upon receipt of payment, the order is processed and the goods are shipped.AT REAL LIFE VIDEO may extend the payment options in the future. Other payment options will be made known through the website or by written notice from AT REAL LIFE VIDEO
4.2 In the event AT REAL LIFE VIDEO a payment is agreed is that by the end of this period the Purchaser is in default.
Payment terms can be agreed in writing by then, and agreed conditions.
4.3 In case of non or late payment are the extra costs paid for by buyer.
4.4 Charge to the Buyer will provide all the (extra) judicial costs of any nature whatsoever which AT REAL LIFE VIDEO due to the breach by Buyer of its (payment) obligations to make.
4.5 In case of late payment, AT REAL LIFE VIDEO entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate effect or (further) to suspend delivery until the moment the buyer's payment has been complete, the payment of interest and costs thereof .

5. Delivery and delivery time

5.1 Orders are delivered as quickly as possible. In principle aims AT REAL LIFE VIDEO committed to ship orders within 2 business days. Delivery is valid only as an indication and is never a deadline. AT REAL LIFE VIDEO can more information on delivery times on the website or in writing otherwise. Such information is only indicative. The maximum delivery time will be 14 days unless otherwise agreed. If the delivery is not feasible then we suggest you inform. You have the right to terminate the agreement. Amount paid as soon as possible but within 30 days credited.
5.2 If a product is temporarily out of stock is ordered by the Buyer will be notified when the product is available again. Delays will be communicated to the Buyer by email or telephone.
5.3 Delivery will be by the buyer at the conclusion of the contract address.
5.4 The risk of loss or damage to the product covered by the agreement shall pass to the customer at the time they are made legally and / or actually to the customer and in the power of the customer or by a customer to designate a third party is brought to.
5.5 For deliveries abroad conditions may apply.

6. Returning

6.1 The Buyer shall be entitled to exercise a right of withdrawal without giving a reason within seven (7) days after delivery of the product in question. This right of withdrawal are excluded products:
- Real Life Video DVDs and software.
6.2 Action or promotional items that are excluded from warranty provided with products and can not be returned.
6.3 If the consumer purchaser of the right of withdrawal referred to in paragraph 6.1 is used, then wears AT REAL LIFE VIDEO care for refund within thirty (30) days.
6.4 If the Buyer has ordered a shipment will be by cash, if this is refused, the postage, the COD fee and handling fee will be charged separately.

7. Retention

7.1 Upon full payment, the product is owned by the customer.

8. Warranty and liability

8.1 AT REAL LIFE VIDEO guarantees that the deliverables meet the usual requirements and standards that can be met and dispatch are free of defects.
8.2 The purchase receipt serves as proof of warranty.
8.3 AT REAL LIFE VIDEO is never obliged to pay any compensation to the Buyer or others, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of AT REAL LIFE VIDEO. AT REAL LIFE VIDEO is never liable for consequential damages, indirect damages and loss of business.
8.4 Warranty applies only to the purchaser of the product and is not transferable to third parties.
8.5 If AT REAL LIFE VIDEO, for whatever reason, is obliged to compensate any damage or damages will not exceed an amount equal to the invoice value causes related to the product or service which the damage.
8.6 Notwithstanding the provisions of this article, there can be no guarantee if wear can be regarded as normal and in the following cases:
- If changes in or to the product are made, including repairs and updates that are performed with the consent of AT REAL LIFE VIDEO;
- If the original invoice can not be presented, has been altered or defaced;
- If defects are the result of not using the corresponding destination or improper use;
- If damage is caused by intent, gross negligence or negligence.
8.7 The Buyer is obliged to indemnify AT REAL LIFE VIDEO for any claim by third parties regarding the contract on AT REAL LIFE VIDEO could assert, as the law does not preclude that the damage and costs borne by the Buyer must arrive.
The Buyer is obliged to return the product to AT REAL LIFE VIDEO to achieve thus a proper assessment and handling of warranty claims. If a complaint is upheld mandatory AT REAL LIFE VIDEO to the supply of an equivalent product unless otherwise agreed.
8.8 In addition to these warranty provisions remain legal warranty in effect.
Any by the company as a guarantee scheme does not affect the rights that consumers can do against the company to apply under the law and the distance contract.
Any manufacturer or importer's warranty does not affect the rights that consumers can do against the company to apply under the law, the distance contract and the guarantee provided by the company.
8.9 The Buyer is obliged to inspect the goods immediately upon receipt. Any defects must be reported within 48 hours of receipt by e-mail or telephone.
8:10 When there is wear expires member 8.9 of the General Conditions.

9. Force Majeure

9.1 In case of force majeure, AT REAL LIFE VIDEO failed to fulfill its obligations to the seller, the obligation is suspended for the duration of the force majeure.
9.2 Force majeure shall mean any circumstance beyond its control, thus fulfilling its obligations to the Purchaser in whole or in part. These circumstances include strikes, fires, business disturbances, power failures, non or late delivery by suppliers or other third parties. Also, the force majeure include failures in (telecommunications) networks or connections or communications and / or at any time not available from the website.

10. Intellectual property

10.1 The Buyer acknowledges that all intellectual property rights to the information, communications or other expressions concerning the products and / or with respect to the internet site at AT REAL LIFE VIDEO, its suppliers or other copyright holders.

10.2 All products produced by AT Real Life Video is copyright notice. The purchaser expressly acknowledges that it is not permitted to make public our products or reproduce. Display of our products in public places is allowed only with written permission from AT Real Life Video.

11. Personal

11.1 AT REAL LIFE VIDEO Buyer shall process the data in accordance with its privacy policy. AT REAL LIFE VIDEO will observe the applicable privacy regulations and legislation.

12. Applicable law and jurisdiction

12.1 All offers and agreements are subject to Dutch law.

13. Links

13.1 Site AT REAL LIFE VIDEO can contain advertisements of third parties or links to other sites. In the privacy policies of these third party sites, AT REAL LIFE VIDEO no influence and is therefore not liable.

14. Your Rights

14.1 You can always AT REAL LIFE VIDEO ask what information about you are processed. For this purpose you can send an email. Also you can ask by e-mail to AT REAL LIFE VIDEO improvements, additions or other corrections, which AT REAL LIFE VIDEO will process as soon as possible. If you no longer wish to receive information please AT REAL LIFE VIDEO hereof inform. Transmission of information occurs only if you have entered your email address.

15 Awards

15.1 about the results and awarding of the prize can not be corresponded.
15.2 The prize is personal and is in the name of the winner. The prize is not transferable, exchangeable or to pay in cash or other goods or services. In case of refusal or acceptance of the prize or the conditions attached to the prize, the prize will not be paid. Then, AT REAL LIFE VIDEO entitled to draw another winner.
15.3 The prize is awarded in the state where they are located. AT REAL LIFE VIDEO is not responsible for any visible or hidden defects in the price nor for any damage during delivery (transmission) of the price.
15.4 The settlement of the delivery of the prize is done by AT REAL LIFE VIDEO, advertiser / sponsor or other duly appointed third party. In the latter case, AT LIFE REAL VIDEO not responsible for the delivery of the prize. In that case, the date of delivery of the prize will be determined in consultation with the supplier of the price.
15.5 AT REAL LIFE VIDEO is not responsible for any defects in postal or shipping companies (eg delays, strikes, damage or loss) in the delivery of the prize. In case pick the winner, an inmate / present or a local resident sent registered price can not receive at delivery, the winner will be the price at a later date (eg post office or post office, etc.). AT REAL LIFE VIDEO can not be held liable if the prize is not collected by the winner or by an unauthorized person has been received, even if no notice or notice in any form left by the postal or delivery company.
15.6 The winner of the prize gives AT REAL LIFE VIDEO permission free of charge, personal data, if any, or any by the participants to use contributions made for the purpose of review in promotional activities related to the review and in the context of the publication of the winner in all media, including radio, television and the internet.
15.7 AT REAL LIFE VIDEO is entitled at its discretion and without notice to change the duration of this promotion or modify or without reason to discontinue the action, to change or modify because of reasons of its own, without aT REAL LIFE VIDEO therefore is bound in any way to pay damages to the participant. Change or modification of the terms, will be announced by AT REAL LIFE VIDEO appropriately publicly (for example through its site).
15.8 Use of the posted price is for the account and risk of the winner. AT REAL LIFE VIDEO can not be held responsible for this.

16 Tax

16.1 All customer prices include a mandatory tax.

17 Customers outside the European Union

17.1 All customer prices include a mandatory tax. An order is then processed for all clients including VAT.
17.2 A delivery at 0% VAT for customers outside the EU is possible under certain conditions in an alternative shipping method. Please contact us for this option before placing an order.
17.3 AT REAL LIFE VIDEO is not liable for payment of import duties and VAT etc. in the country of arrival. This must be paid by the buyer.